Whether hunting in England or in the United States, it is the responsibility of every breeder to learn why form follows function. There is no substitute for participating in earthwork to intimately understand about this breed.

Bonnie & Eddie Chapman waiting for the Royal Artillary Hunt hounds to be cast so that the hunt can begin.

Foxwarren Rags is handed to the Royal Artillary second whipper in by professional terrierman Geoff Burnhill

Bonnie stopping earths in England early in the morning before the hunt begins

The fox is run to ground by the hounds and a terrier is released to bolt the fox from the earth. This terrier is a youngster and is present to learn from the seasoned worker in the ground that is now baying.

Preserving foxes is as important to the terriermen and countryside as varmint control for the sheep and pheasant farms. Here, an unharmed fox is released in an area where fox need to replenish.

A typical red Lakeland of the working type so often used in England

Even with Bonnie's small ladies hands the Fell-type Lakeland is easily able to be spanned. A terrier of any breed that cannot be spanned cannot enter the earth to get to his quarry, and is as useless as a hound for bolting or drawing the fox from the earth.

Bonnie with the professional terriermen of the Exmoor Hunt

Sharing a bit of Port with the Master of the Hunt prior to casting the hounds

This is a joint meet. Beagles and the Master go rabbiting one way while the Fox Hunt departs in an opposite direction.

Ian, terrierman for the Exmoor, with his largest terrier, a male standing 12.5"

The renowed Mick Kemish with Bonnie and two other terriermen

Terriers in the Exmoor hunt country do NOT run with the hounds, but rather are often carried in terrier pouches. It is impossible for a terrier to keep up with hounds running a scent at full speed through the English countryside. The English Foxhound is a tall, leggy dog that can run at speeds so that the horses are at a full gallop to keep up. Imagine the futility of any earthworking terrier trying to run with the hounds and horses.

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