Foxwarren Tiddleywinks came into my life after a quick cup of tea. Eddie Chapman escorted me out to see the puppies and immediately, a little tri pup screamed, "Here, me, it's me!" There was Tiddleywinks, now fondly called Mary, wiggling her butt as she jumped up and down. Our eyes met and I saw the past again. Her sparkling personality reminded me of my beloved Foxwarren Smarty III, bouncing into my arms and telling me the world is hers! One walk down the grass path and I knew she was coming home to Edison Kennel.

After two years of fun in the sun, Mary has matured into a beautifully balanced female with excellent proportions at 12-1/2 inches. She still exudes that I love the world attitude with her outgoing personality. Mary is a true show girl, moving gracefully around the ring, both laterally and on her down and back. Look for Mary in 2008. She'll be the one jumping for joy!

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