Breeders select sires or dams for different reasons. During my last visit to the renown Foxwarren Kennel, Eddie showed me a photo, buried in one of many albums of a handsome, almost mesmerizing dog. He had as much head and bone as any terrier in the show ring today and his stance in the photo commanded attention. This was the dog I was looking for, but he existed years ago. His name was Dodger of Foxwarren. It was from this visit that I realized the value of using this particular line of Foxwarren to it's fullest. I had this great sire in the bloodlines of CH Edison's Tennessee 'N Time. The other half of the search to preserve Old Dodger was found in Foxwarren Jack A Dandy.

Summer is the offspring of this breeding, the next generation to hopefully preserve the past and also follow in her mother's heritage. These are big footsteps as TNT has given the Parson world many terriers equal to or better than herself in CH Edison's TNT Aftershock, CH Edison's Nick of Time, England BIS Edison's Brutus Maximus, and CH Edison's California Gypsy.

In additon to Summer, her littermate, J Jgd CH Edison's TNT Carbon Copy, is in Sweden with Monica Olsson-Back setting working records himself. But it should be no surprise as these two littermates go back to Old Dodger more than eight times. It is from this linebreeding that we hope Summer will produce more terriers with the breathtaking quality and hunting instincts as her ancestor, Dodger of Foxwarren.


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